How Could They Know
Part 2

The sheep in the fields the shepherds were watching.
The sky suddenly arrayed with brilliant light
An angel appeared, “Good tidings I bring;
Your Savior is born this night.”

“Glory to God in the highest!”
The host of angels sang
The Father would pronounce our righteousness.
His Son would take our blame.

But how could they know?
Could they know that the babe that was born
Was the Holy Emmanuel?
The message was given by God’s heavenly throng
That we with Him might dwell.

A star in the eastern sky led the wise men.
They were seeking the king of the Jews
It led them to a house in Bethlehem
The prophecies they believed were true.

The wise men gave their gifts of gold, myrrh and incense.
Their treasures were fit for a king.
They departed in praise and thankfulness.
For the glorious Christ Child they’d seen.

And “Mary treasured up all of these things
And pondered them in her heart.”
To this little child she would often sing
And glorify the Lord.

This babe that was born was the Lamb of God.
No blemish was found in Him.
His sacrifice would pay the total price.
For the whole world with all its sin.

Words by Joan E. Voges and Rev. Jim Likens
Music by Joan E. Voges and Chris Bergmann