How Could They Know
Part 1

A man and his wife left their own home town in Galilee
On a trip they would go to Bethlehem.
To be counted and taxed by Caesar’s decree.
To the city of David they went.

Strangers filled all the inns in this little town,
No room but a stable to stay.
And while they were there, Mary’s child was born.
Gently she laid Him on the hay.

How could they know?
Could they know that the babe in her womb
Was the Holy Emmanuel?
The Son of God would erase our gloom
God’s promise is now fulfilled.

"Come, follow Me to Bethlehem and see.
Relive the Christmas story once again.
It’s a message of hope, love, and peace;
A message of joy with no end."

Words by Joan E. Voges and Rev. Jim Likens
Music by Joan E. Voges and Chris Bergmann