Bookmark Hymn

Dear Father, Son and Holy Ghost,
We thank You for our Saving Host.
We thank you for Your love that’s freely giv’n
Thru Jesus’ blood our sins are for-giv’n.

Forgive us, Lord, for not being true
And wavering to witness of You.
Oh, give us the words and the courage to speak
Of Your great love that they may seek.

Oh, Holy Spirit, our faith renew
To dedicate and live for You.
For in You our troubled spirits will cease.
Please fill our hearts with Your holy peace.

Heal our land, our God, we implore,
And save us from the Evil One’s lure.
Oh bless us with leaders your servants to be,
To safeguard our sweet liberty.

Change hearts of stone and bring them to You
In faith to cling to You, God Triune.
Please open their hearts that the Gospel is known.
They hunger for love which is Jesus alone.

Help us to trust You, Savior true
That all things work for good with You.
Please wrap Your arms ‘round us and call us Your own
Until we’re safe in our heavenly home!


Words and Music by Joan E. Voges


Why Bookmark Hymn?

One day as I took a devotional book off the shelf, a beautiful prayer card by a well known evangelist dropped to the floor. It was a prayer for our nation. As I prayed this prayer, it came to mind that there are many other supplications for which I ask God each day. In particular I thank Him for the gift of faith He has given me. After writing the prayer, my pastor suggested that I submit it to Lutheran Hour Ministries. They accepted it and had it printed on sturdy material so it would last a long time and be used to mark pages of a Bible or any other book. And thus, the “Bookmark Prayer” was born.

A couple months later, the thought came to me to write a hymn that would coincide with the prayer. The lyrics and melody came to me rather quickly. The theme for each verse would match the prayer, but not necessarily in the same words. The hymn has since been professionally recorded. As you listen to it, please know it is a prayer. I thank God that through His Holy Spirit, He has given me the words and music to write.

- Joan