A Wedding Prayer

Bless them, Lord, we pray. Unite their hearts in You
And bless the vows that they say
May each day be renewed.
Bless their family that goodness will prevail.
And may their lives examples be
To know and do Your will.

Treasures of Your grace; The hope to live with You;
So stay beside them through life’s race.
Your love will see them through.
The wedding feast in heav’n; A banquet that will last;
The wedding garments You have giv’n,
They’ll wear when this life’s past!


Written especially for Kristin & Brandon’s wedding
July 19, 2008
By Grandmother Joan E. Voges

I wrote the hymn for my granddaughter Kristin’s wedding. She and Brandon were married in July ’08.

About 7-1/2 months prior to the wedding, my daughter Kathy, Kristin’s mother asked me if I would write a wedding hymn for the event. I drew a blank! “Kathy, you don’t know what you are asking!”

A few weeks later and one evening after choir, I was resting and got up to play a tune on my keyboard that we had sung in choir. As I laid my fingers on the keyboard, a beautiful melody came that I did not plan to play. I wrote the melody in letters on a pad. Afterwards I wondered if this tune would be appropriate for the wedding.

About 10 days later I thought about the words for the hymn. I thought, “If I would write a prayer for this couple, what would it be?” At that moment the words for the first two verses began to flow. My family approved, and it was well received on Kristin and Brandon’s wedding day.

Occasionally I would play the hymn for family and friends. Some suggested that I write two more verses. The next two verses took more time and effort.

Months after the wedding, I spent a whole day trying to come up with the next two verses months. Dr. Paul Schrieber suggested the next two verses should include the wedding feast and banquet in heaven. The next morning as I took my walk, it all came together. I ran into the house to jot down the verses. I might mention that when I take my walks, I’m constantly talking to God, thanking and praising Him.

My main purpose in writing is to touch hearts with the love of Jesus, otherwise, they fall flat. Dr. Paul edits my writings. My husband, family and friends have also been very supportive of my work. When I wrote the hymn, I never intended that it be used only once. My hopes then and now are that it would be used for my other grandchildren and others as well. It’s also my prayer that it will bring spiritual faith and hope. I want to thank Dr. Paul Devantier, KFUO, vocalist Kristen Heard, and Chris Bergmann at RFJ Music Production Ministries for their interest. I also appreciate their work to enhance the hymn that has made it very beautiful.

- Joan